Recording is bumpy

Nikola Jeremic nikola.jeremic at
Thu Aug 2 11:54:40 BST 2007

hi D
very strange behaviour
i dont have experience with your soundcard but u can try to increase the
buffer/periods and frames/periods in jack. or experiment with jack till u
get a good results. I belive (from your mail) that the problem is somewhere
on the soundcard-jack "line".
is the same thing happening on both machines? does the jack shows XRUNS?
anyway here are maybe some answers
hope u find a solution

On 8/2/07, DennisMail at <DennisMail at> wrote:
> Hello List!
> I am quite new to recording with linux. I use Ardour 2 on two different
> machines, one with Kubuntu and the other with Ubuntustudio.
> As I just want to learn how all of this jackd and ardour works together, I
> use a TerraTec Aureon 5.1 USB MKII soundcard, not a high end card.
> My problem is that with ubuntustudio, the recording is very bumpy, which
> means that sometimes 5 seconds, the PC does nothing and then goes on.
> Now, I´m facing the situation that as I am new in recording with linux, I
> don´t know where to start looking for the reason. This may have to do with
> root rights (realtime), with USB issues (soundcard), with start-options of
> jackd and lots of other things, as far as I can see now.
> Can please anybody help me to get at least on the track where the problem
> is lying? Thanks a lot!!!
> Regards,
> Dennis
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