[ubuntu-studio-devel] Ubuntu Studio Installer on Gnome

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Wed Apr 17 18:10:31 UTC 2019

On Wed, 17 Apr 2019, Ross Gammon wrote:

> Before I was interrupted by another ISO Release Candidate to test, I had
> been testing turning the bog-standard Ubuntu install (Ubuntu 18.04,
> 18.10) into Ubuntu Studio.

That is the senerio that has the most testing I think. I have not tested 
it myself for a long time (cause the gnome desktop does not meet my needs) 
SO it should work....

> The first freeze happened with Firefox, hexter and qjackctl open on
> Bionic. Everything froze (mouse unusable), and the only way out was a
> kill with RELSUB. It is possible I should have done a reboot before
> starting to play.

Possible. -controls does ask for at least a logout and in, but I think 
there are other settings that are reboot only.

> The second was on Cosmic, and this time ubuntustudio-installer stalled.

What version of installer? (it should be the one from backports)
I will look through things a bit later.

> Wish List
> ---------

> Gnome doesn't have a menu. Yes I know - I don't want to start a flame
> war and comparison of Desktops :-)

Ya thats on my wishlist too.

> But what is the name of that wierd synthesizer or plugin? Plugins can be
> partially solved by pinning carla I suppose. But...
> Wouldn't it be great if you could start the Ubuntu Studio menu from some
> panel in gnome. Or have some other category based app launcher. I did a
> search and there are some extensions out there, but nothing conclusive.
> Meow looked promising, but didn't seem to have a way of loading a
> configuration for users at install time.
> Any ideas?

I have tried various things on both unity and gnome including adding an 
xfce4-pannel, which works but does not stay on top and using the addon 
menu, which we can't ship installed and is broken anyway (doesn't do 
multilevel menuing correctly, has a broken menu spec file, etc).

So far as I can tell, we need A) an gnome panel item that has a menu, B) 
and indicator (systray) item with a menu.

Both of these are beyond my coding ability at this time and (to be honest) 
not something I am interested in doing anyway as I concider the gnome 
shell broken for it's lack of menu while the gnome team concider this a 
feature. This means I don't use gnome shell. I concider people who do 
should use it as is or switch if it is not suitable.

Not trying to be overly blunt or put down anyone, many people do use very 
few applications and will find gnomeshell a great way to go.

Len Ovens

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