[ubuntu-studio-devel] ISO Tests

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Tue Apr 16 21:42:17 UTC 2019

On Tue, 16 Apr 2019, Thomas Pfundt wrote:

> Most of the test cases worked fine, but in my live system and the first boot on
> the full install, I wasn't able to get any sound with Controls alone.

I should ask what kind of Which sound card first off. Assuming the system 
uses pulse for something before controls is started, Pulse will turn the 
audio card up... if it knows which controls do this. So my old Delta 66 
has never come up on a new install with sound coming out unless I turn it 
up using mudita24, alsa mixer or qasmixer. It may be reasonable to allow 
qasmixer to be opened from within controls for this reason.

> I don't know what exactly the issue was, but I had to reboot once for it to work
> (it was set to load on startup). Is this something to be expected or should I
> investigate this further? (I still have the test system installed the way it
> was.)

On first startup, jackd should not be running but pulse should be. Once 
controls is used start jack, it should be running on the next boot if it 
was running at shutdown.

While my personal opinion, is that the most stable way to run audio is to 
always run jack as the backend for pulse, there may be those who's main 
focus is graphics, animation or video and would like to have every bit of 
cpu possible available for rendering. These people may want just pulse on 
their system and probably do want hyperthreading and Boost enabled, both 
of which are bad for low latency audio. (USB is bad for low latency audio 
as well, but that is what we are generally left with that most of us can 
afford) So there need to be choices and sane defaults. In the case of jcak 
starting at session start, My feeling is that in most cases the user needs 
to set latency and device the first time they run the system anyway (the 
default device on my system has no speakers hooked to it as it is only 
used for it's MIDI port)

> Otherwise, great UI. Very clear and easy to understand. I'd suggest though that
> it could be helpful to see the current Jack status (running or off), else there
> isn't a clear response from the start/restart button.

Already been changed in git.

Controls is under active development (along with installer and soon to be 

Len Ovens

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