[ubuntu-studio-devel] Web design/theme contribution

Shinta Carolinasari shinta at playmain.com
Mon Apr 15 12:54:28 UTC 2019

Dear Erich and Eylul,

I'm glad to hear the welcome response. Thanks for the feedback & insight 
so far.
It makes us more excited to contribute to the website.

Yes, we are able to build the Wordpress theme/coding side, as well as 
design side, with supervision and assistance from you/ubuntu studio team.
However, what you've mentioned in previous site/theme development 
workflow sounds limiting.
Are we still restricted with the same constraint today?

As for Wordpress theme, I would imagine that ideally, the theme will be 
freshly built using standard wordpress way.
Our favorite base theme is underscores ( 
https://github.com/automattic/_s) from Wordpress team, which provides 
very minimal skeleton as a starting code-base. And then we can utilize 
popular CSS framework like Bootstrap (only small part of it, eg: base & 
grid) to keep it lightweight, while making the theme easier to edit by 

But all will depend on the requirement, though.

For source, and work files, yes, fortunately, the concept is created 
using software that available in Linux (Inkscape, Krita, etc).
We will make sure all source assets are available and committed to a 
repo with an open license.
One photo that you've mentioned in the concept is taken from unsplash 
(it's my favorite free stock photo). The license looks fine so far 
https://unsplash.com/license, attribution is not mandatory, but we can 
put credits somewhere in the site. or change it with another photo from 
your art asset repo.
We also use random icons from fontawesome in the concept (as a draft).

Once you are all fine with it and decide to go ahead, please let us know 
the feedback to further fine-tuning the design.
eg: we can continue with inner page design.


On 4/14/2019 10:34 PM, eylul wrote:
> Hi Erich and Shinta,
> This is what we had https://ubuntustudio.azbulutlu.org/ a few years ago,
> and again the main issue is that this was a few years ago. It was based
> on the theme that existed for all ubuntu flavors at the time, and it was
> actually collaboration of several people, not me alone. :) (there was
> some newer cleaner graphics that replaced these, so this is not the
> final version of the theme. I believe the latest version is somewhere in
> the repos, somewhere.
> The point is that while it was very pretty, it is a bit OLD :) and we
> were working with a lot of technical limitations in terms of what we
> could do within the constraints of the layout we were basing on, modules
> we could use etc (and we were at the time trying to make sure it was
> easy to update without having to get involved with the code). :) I do
> like Shinta's design quite a lot. I might suggest some tweaks to make
> content not be halfway visible when page is loaded, and maybe
> verification of the order of things on first page, but these are pretty
> minor, if they can handle the coding side of it as well, I think it
> might be a good idea to go ahead with it. The proposed design looks very
> coherent, and definitely has my vote as a user if nothing else. :)
> On 4/14/19 6:37 AM, Erich Eickmeyer wrote:
>> Hi Shinta,
>> On Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 8:08 PM, Shinta Carolinasari
>> <shinta at playmain.com> wrote:
>>> Dear all, So I was looking for design-oriented Linux distro that has
>>> good support on Wacom penabled and discovered Ubuntu Studio, and then
>>> excited about it. Thanks for your effort for providing this great
>>> Linux distro. Hopefully, the community remains active and growing.
>>> While this distro is actively developed, I noticed that the website
>>> design hasn't been updated for a while. Still nice, but feels a bit
>>> outdated, eg: not adopting responsive design yet... while other
>>> Ubuntu flavors family website (Lubuntu, etc) are. I believe there is
>>> room for improvement on the website so it can be more modern thus
>>> promote the distro better. Wondering if you have plan for website
>>> redesign and open for a contribution? If so, we can help to
>>> contribute web design as well as building the Wordpress theme. We
>>> have an initial concept for the homepage. Please check at:
>>> https://www.playmain.com/files/ubuntustudio/ubuntustudio-playmain-concept1.png
>> I absolutely love what you made. Believe it or not, there were plans a
>> few years ago to replace the theme, but there were many roadblocks.
>> One of our former (and possibly future?) core team members (Eylul) had
>> designed an absolutely beautiful theme. I don't remember all of the
>> reasons (perhaps others can chime-in?), but I do know that the theme
>> was not easily replaced, as the Wordpress installation is non-standard.
>> With the great strides we have taken in Ubuntu Studio over the past
>> year, it might be a good time to look at the website again. As is my
>> role in this, I can start working on coordination, but I do want to
>> work with Eylul again with this. She's an amazing graphic artist and
>> I'm sure would have a few ideas of her own.
>> With that in mind, I welc ome your contribution, and would like to
>> make a way to work together on what the future of the website holds.
>> I would like to keep this discussion going and see what develops. I
>> would very much like to hear input from others on this list in this
>> matter, especially since I wasn't around during the first time we
>> tried to modernize/update the website.
>> Again, thank you!
>> Erich
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>> Erich Eickmeyer
>> Council Chair
>> Ubuntu Studio
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