[ubuntu-studio-devel] gnome vs kde (regarding: The problem with gnome)

erich at ericheickmeyer.com erich at ericheickmeyer.com
Wed May 16 14:40:05 UTC 2018


Everyone is entitled to an opinion. You can voice that opinion, but you
cannot force that opinion on others.

That said, everyone has a desktop environment that works best for them.
The beauty about Linux is that you never have to stick to what is
offered. You can install a second DE (I have three!) if you wish. It's
up to the user.

> You are discrediting yourself by repeating ad nauseam that Gnome3 is
> good only for browser users. Please stop.

This borderlines on a personal attack, which is why I stepped-in. Len
has his opinion, you have yours. Len has an extremely critical eye
which is why we went with his recommendation for Plasma to be our first
alternate DE. Notice I said "first" alternate DE, and there's a reason
for that. We are looking at adding DEs in the future. Ubuntu Studio is
not bound by a single DE unlike the other flavors of Ubuntu. Just
because your favorite DE wasn't chosen this time doesn't mean it will
not be chosen in the future.

At this point, you're not going to convince Len that he's wrong, and
insisting he or anybody else change their opinion only makes your case
worse. If this conversation continues in this direction, we may have to

> Looking forward to a constructive discussion about the best DE for
> content creators. You guys could make a public list of DE
> requirements for Ubuntu Studio and how the DEs you considered match
> them and what issues each has. I'm sure the teams working on each of
> those DEs will be happy to provide feedback.

Sadly, that all comes down to subjective opinion. I will say this:
until the GNOME 3 memory leak bug is fixed, I would not use it for live
audio production or video editing. Don't get me wrong, I like GNOME 3
and understand its workflow, but I simply cannot use or recommend it at
this time. If this changes, it may be considered for an alternate DE
for Ubuntu Studio in the future. However, as I've stated before, there
is nothing stopping anybody from adding to their existing install if
they wish. In fact, Ubuntu Studio was originally created as a "add-on"
to an existing Ubuntu installation. This is still true with the various
metapackages available with ubuntustudio-installer.

Most importantly, remember: none of us are paid to work on this
project. We are all volunteers, and a very small number at that.
Canonical gives us no money but simply offers server resources. That's
it. With that, keep in mind that you get this operating system for
free, and that we are under no obligation to change it for a single
user's (albiet loud) wishes. We try to make accommodations, but it
cannot come at the expense of our time at our regular jobs and with our
families, which is why we have to draw boundries to keep it from
interfering with those aspects of our lives.

That said, we appreciate the input and feedback. Your opinion has been
noted (and noteworthy), but as I stated before, things are getting into
the gray areas of personal attack, which means we should probably stop
this discussion.


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