[ubuntu-studio-devel] gnome vs kde (regarding: The problem with gnome)

Alexandru Băluț alexandru.balut at gmail.com
Wed May 16 16:00:53 UTC 2018

You make this sound like I'm upset that you did not choose Gnome3. I have
no idea what process you guys followed to choose the default DE, so I have
nothing to say about that. Has this process been documented BTW? Just
curious. I have no idea what are these "alternate DEs" you mentioned, I'll
go read about it.

I replied because I see Len has a bad image about GNOME's team, which is
false. Do you agree with what he said below?
- The attitude seems to be away from the user having things the way they
like and more to the we provide a finished product that "we know is best
for you".
- gnome tends to tell you "this is whats good for you eat it."
- I am not sure what happened to "the user is right" in gnome's mind, but
it sure gone.

On 16 May 2018 at 16:40, <erich at ericheickmeyer.com> wrote:

> Alexandru,
> Everyone is entitled to an opinion. You can voice that opinion, but you
> cannot force that opinion on others.
> That said, everyone has a desktop environment that works best for them.
> The beauty about Linux is that you never have to stick to what is
> offered. You can install a second DE (I have three!) if you wish. It's
> up to the user.
> > You are discrediting yourself by repeating ad nauseam that Gnome3 is
> > good only for browser users. Please stop.
> This borderlines on a personal attack, which is why I stepped-in. Len
> has his opinion, you have yours. Len has an extremely critical eye
> which is why we went with his recommendation for Plasma to be our first
> alternate DE. Notice I said "first" alternate DE, and there's a reason
> for that. We are looking at adding DEs in the future. Ubuntu Studio is
> not bound by a single DE unlike the other flavors of Ubuntu. Just
> because your favorite DE wasn't chosen this time doesn't mean it will
> not be chosen in the future.
> At this point, you're not going to convince Len that he's wrong, and
> insisting he or anybody else change their opinion only makes your case
> worse. If this conversation continues in this direction, we may have to
> moderate.
> > Looking forward to a constructive discussion about the best DE for
> > content creators. You guys could make a public list of DE
> > requirements for Ubuntu Studio and how the DEs you considered match
> > them and what issues each has. I'm sure the teams working on each of
> > those DEs will be happy to provide feedback.
> Sadly, that all comes down to subjective opinion. I will say this:
> until the GNOME 3 memory leak bug is fixed, I would not use it for live
> audio production or video editing. Don't get me wrong, I like GNOME 3
> and understand its workflow, but I simply cannot use or recommend it at
> this time. If this changes, it may be considered for an alternate DE
> for Ubuntu Studio in the future. However, as I've stated before, there
> is nothing stopping anybody from adding to their existing install if
> they wish. In fact, Ubuntu Studio was originally created as a "add-on"
> to an existing Ubuntu installation. This is still true with the various
> metapackages available with ubuntustudio-installer.
> Most importantly, remember: none of us are paid to work on this
> project. We are all volunteers, and a very small number at that.
> Canonical gives us no money but simply offers server resources. That's
> it. With that, keep in mind that you get this operating system for
> free, and that we are under no obligation to change it for a single
> user's (albiet loud) wishes. We try to make accommodations, but it
> cannot come at the expense of our time at our regular jobs and with our
> families, which is why we have to draw boundries to keep it from
> interfering with those aspects of our lives.
> That said, we appreciate the input and feedback. Your opinion has been
> noted (and noteworthy), but as I stated before, things are getting into
> the gray areas of personal attack, which means we should probably stop
> this discussion.
> Thanks,
> Erich
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