[ubuntu-studio-devel] gnome vs kde (regarding: The problem with gnome)

Alexandru Băluț alexandru.balut at gmail.com
Wed May 16 12:45:43 UTC 2018

On 15 May 2018 at 23:05, Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:

> Gnome3 from the outset would not run on my resource constrained computer
> that every other DE would run on (even unity).

It's unfortunate that Gnome3 does not run on your computer. It's really
nice—I switched to it from i3 a few years ago. You could file a bug about
the performance problem you noticed to see what's going on, the team is
friendly and welcome—but I guess since you have your preferences (such as
window borders) which will not be met by Gnome3, you have no interest.

I am not sure what happened to "the user is right" in gnome's mind, but it
> sure gone.

Nobody is telling "you are not right", nobody is telling "this is good for
you eat it", nobody is telling "we know is best for you".

The team builds Gnome3 according to a vision. Even if they would have the
resources to implement "reasonable" options that would make some users
happy, it would also make the product more difficult to understand for
other users, and very importantly, more difficult to maintain. So if the
gain is not super-clear, it's better to say no and spend the time on
cleanup, polish and features. The GNOME team is using the resources
efficiently, that's good management. If you don't see the effects, that's
too bad.

Since there are not a gazillion options available, interested people who
are used to something else would have to adapt to Gnome3, otherwise it
might not work very well for them. You clearly stated you instead prefer to
configure your DE to work how you want, which is perfectly fine, so enjoy
whatever "configurable" DE works for you.

You are discrediting yourself by repeating ad nauseam that Gnome3 is good
only for browser users. Please stop.

Looking forward to a constructive discussion about the best DE for content
creators. You guys could make a public list of DE requirements for Ubuntu
Studio and how the DEs you considered match them and what issues each has.
I'm sure the teams working on each of those DEs will be happy to provide
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