[ubuntu-studio-devel] Audio

Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Mon Jan 16 18:40:06 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I have just come to this thread now, and gave up trying to find all the 
bits of the thread that I wanted to comment on, so I will chime in with 
a clean sheet. It seems that most of the debate is around having sane 
defaults, and confusing users with too many options.

Perhaps our feature definition is missing a clear definition of the use 
cases we are trying to cater for 

To my way of thinking, Ubuntu Studio has pretty good defaults. I can 
install Ubuntu Studio and get straight into audio work. Just try doing 
that with a standard Debian or Ubuntu install!

But Ubuntu Studio is not just about audio work. We also cater for other 
creative uses (video, graphics, photography etc.). Part of this 
particular blueprint is about setting the CPU to "performance" as 
default. Some are a bit nervous about this for non-audio work. So it 
might be a good idea to provide a way for the users to change this 
setting if required. As a minimum, this could be until we are confident 
about the new default settings.

 From my memory of past discussions & versions of the blueprint, we also 
want to cater for users that might want to install another flavour of 
Ubuntu and then add the ubuntu-studio meta-packages. Some would prefer 
to have Gnome/Unity/Mate etc., or only discover later that they really 
wanted Ubuntu Studio. At the moment, we don't guarantee that they get 
sane defaults if they do this (or a menu/app launcher that works - but 
that is another story).

So, I will now float some overall objectives to see if they match what 
everyone thinks we are trying to achieve here:
1. New set of default settings (including CPU set to performance)
2. Ability to easily change these default settings to suit different 
profiles of Ubuntu Studio users and/or hardware (including going back to 
the old settings)
3. Ability to add the ubuntu-studio metapackages to another flavour of 
Ubuntu and get these new default settings (this feature could remain 
experimental for a while)
4. Update our documentation (wiki) to help users understand the settings 
they are able to change



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