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eylul eylul at ubuntustudio.org
Sun Jan 15 23:12:03 UTC 2017


Sorry I noticed your email only after sending this one. So a few quick
additions even through I assume discussion will keep going :)

On 01/16/2017 01:02 AM, Hank Stanglow wrote:
> On 01/15/2017 01:10 PM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
>> The clueless user wants the Apple approach, the experienced user
>> wants the Linux approach. Both have in common to follow a clear KISS
>> principle. If you mix both approaches, the result is crap.
> I must agree with Ralf on his assessment. When I first came to Linux
> is had a difficult time understanding what a sound server was let
> alone why there were so many In Linux. Win/Mac users never encounter
> this concept. Even now that I've been using Linux for years I think
> this new GUI tool is overly complicated. Is the user doing audio
> production with a DAW? Then start Jack automatically with sane
> defaults and bridge ALSA and Pulse. Is the user primarily using media
> players to listen to music and watch videos? Default to Pulse. The
> rest, IMO, would be considered a system tweak for advanced users (and
> should be clearly labeled as such).
I think at least some of the backend work is aimed at having sane
defaults for the alsa/pulse side of things. I am not entirely certain
how that half of the setting will work. I think either way that, once we
have all parts of the settings there we will have to take a critical eye
to what is simple, what is advanced and what is expert and layer things
accordingly. Organization is something we will need to watch out and
keep revising.
> That said, I think it is great to have a set-up wizard like this and I
> am delighted to see it happening. Personally, I do all my audio using
> wine-rt and it would be great is there was a setting to automatically
> set this up as well, and I'm sure a lot of users coming from Windows
> would appreciate it.
> Keep up the good work.
Thank you for your feedback. it is nice to see different voices in this
discussion. :)


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