[ubuntu-studio-devel] Coming Zesty Milestones

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Fri Feb 17 20:45:42 UTC 2017

On Fri, 17 Feb 2017, Ross Gammon wrote:

> Feature Freeze for Zesty was yesterday, so any new features need an 
> exception. I have almost got an update to us-default-settings ready 
> (finishing off what we didn't finish last time), and am planning an update to 
> us-meta. Where did we get to with Len's work on us-controls? Is it ready to 
> package & get uploaded?

I should look :). I think go back one commit to revision 128 and release 
will give access to the cpu governor with minimal changes to GUI. Revision 
129 is experiment and a work in progress not ready to release by any 
means. The short story is the system access model as used now will not 
scale to do audio setup. The GUI can not run as root and deal with jack, 
pulse, etc. in userland. I have started work on moving the GUI to userland 
(where policykit suggests it should be anyway) and having it call a system 
process to do the few system things like real time repair and CPU 

Ross, if you can move -controls back a revision and release for us that 
would be wonderful as my local version of -controls is a long way from 
being anything like able to make fixes with. let me know if you can't.

> It was also Debian Import Freeze day yesterday. So if there are any packages 
> that we want synced from Debian from now on, we will need to request a sync 
> (and a freeze exception if it contains new features).

we already have Ardour 5.5 in the pipeline if it can get into zesty that 
would be really good. I would not go for 5.6 as I am hearing rumbles of a 
5.7 or 5.6.1 point release to fix a regression. 5.6 is really a cleanup 
release to enable mixbus 4 to be released real soon now.

> The Beta 1 release is planned for February 23rd. We need to let the Release 
> Team know if we want to take part. We normally do. Any reasons not to?

Thank you for your effort in taking care of these things for us all.

Len Ovens

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