[ubuntu-studio-devel] Audio plugins

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Tue May 3 18:41:56 UTC 2016

I am not sure what we can do with this... but:

The audio plugins we have are kind of hard to navigate. There are a number 
of collections, but there is really nothing that just has the esential 
plugins for recording for example. Calf tries to do this, but is well 
known for not being the best. (everything is straight math with no thought 
for how actual analog circuitry works) The one thing Calf does have is a 
Fluid plugin. (I just wish the default directory pointed somewhere where 
soundfonts exist)

A basic LV2 plugins package with gate/compressor/limiter/EQ/reverb (think 
mixer input strip) would be nice. A package that is just intruments too, 
though there are fewer to begin with, would be nice.

I am not really sure how we could do anything about that... just 
complaining I guess.

Len Ovens

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