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Mon May 2 16:23:52 UTC 2016

Ok I have taken Jimmy's personas and mine and added a bit more detail to 
some and piled it on the wiki page on website review.


Set, I think your user falls somewhere in combination of the 2 of the 
users so I tried to reflect your points there. Feel free to split it 
back to its own persona through. :D

In this plan, I think that once we have personas, we will go into 
scenarios which is more how the users goals relate to Ubuntu studio. 
(e.g. Persona "the person is interested in polished and cool looking 
items" Scenario: "user looks for screenshots of the OS. or Persona:"user 
is interested in collaborating with their colleagues on other OSes. 
Scenario:"user looks for specific information on which software can also 
work with adobe formats")

I think community showcase would be very relevant to a few of the 
personas we have sketched so far and it is a great idea. I wonder though 
if it would be better to have the showcase actually be part of the blog? 
where once a month we do have interview or showcase art. We can even 
begin with some of our work and also incorporate tutorials as to how we 
use various software in workflows (and invite our users to do it). I 
think it could be a lot better to have continous information than to 
have a static bunch of information that then we forget is there and try 
to revise 2 years later. :D That would also give us a specific way to 
approach other projects in form of inviting them to guest blog for us, 
and us doing blogs for them. more fun for everyone. I would think that 
eventually we would have a team dedicated to it (in continuation of your 
idea of users closer to the dev team) rather than us trying to get 
everything done ourselves.

Still thinking out loud.


On 05/02/2016 03:49 PM, Set Hallstrom wrote:
> Hi,
> Nice initiativ!
> On 2016-04-26 22:52, autumna wrote:
>> If we want to revisit the content, maybe we can start with some personas,
>> and scenarios and move from there? This might help us brainstorm, even
>> though we will not (I assume) run a user-centered design process.
>> So just to start the example some personas stubs thoughts for the website:
>> user A: long time Ubuntu Studio user. experienced musician
>> user B: previous linux user. Film editor, is just switching to Ubuntu Studio for first time.
>> User C: first time linux user. Expert graphic designer.
> I'm divided between two thoughts:
> 1. This "persona" thing is genious
> 2. How do i use this "persona" thing in this application?
> But let's try, when i found ubuntustudio, i was an experienced musician.
> previous ubuntu-server user, and a professional graphic designer.
> I wanted to know if i could ditch adobe and steinberg (cubase) to save
> some free-beers. In fact, i already kindof knew i could, since i got the
> link from a close friend, my Best Root For Ever.
> What i was interested in was: what applications are included, and how do
> i install it on my machine. I knew what it was about (ehm.. Linu... ehm
> sorry i ment GNU/Linux.. like, ehm, "computing for the people made by
> the people" ?) and i probably looked for nice pictures before i started
> reading.
>> Ideas? thoughts?
> Back in November last year, I started working on a Community Showcase
> with a call for interviews. I got the idea, when were looking for ways
> to engage more people with the dev team, and this person (i forgot the
> name) wrote something in the lines of: "We should not talk so much about
> how cool it is to be a creative down with FLOSS, instead, just _be_
> cool." However, the idea was to showcase artists that used ubuntu
> studio. I got very little response, but have been sitting on the few
> articles i gathered in hopes of getting in more of them in order to have
> a sort of constant flow of publications (one post per month-ish). Also,
> the site would have needed some arrangement, and well, now is the moment
> it seems. :)
> I think it would be nice to have such a category. "Community Showcase"
> and i've come to think it should even be a place for the userbase to get
> closer to the dev team. Or even lead developers of gimp, blender,
> ardour, you know... Nice people doing awesome things put in a cool light.
> Yours,
> Set

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