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Nice initiativ!

On 2016-04-26 22:52, autumna wrote:

> If we want to revisit the content, maybe we can start with some personas,
> and scenarios and move from there? This might help us brainstorm, even
> though we will not (I assume) run a user-centered design process.
> So just to start the example some personas stubs thoughts for the website:
> user A: long time Ubuntu Studio user. experienced musician
> user B: previous linux user. Film editor, is just switching to Ubuntu Studio for first time.
> User C: first time linux user. Expert graphic designer. 

I'm divided between two thoughts:
1. This "persona" thing is genious
2. How do i use this "persona" thing in this application?

But let's try, when i found ubuntustudio, i was an experienced musician.
previous ubuntu-server user, and a professional graphic designer.

I wanted to know if i could ditch adobe and steinberg (cubase) to save
some free-beers. In fact, i already kindof knew i could, since i got the
link from a close friend, my Best Root For Ever.

What i was interested in was: what applications are included, and how do
i install it on my machine. I knew what it was about (ehm.. Linu... ehm
sorry i ment GNU/Linux.. like, ehm, "computing for the people made by
the people" ?) and i probably looked for nice pictures before i started

> Ideas? thoughts?

Back in November last year, I started working on a Community Showcase
with a call for interviews. I got the idea, when were looking for ways
to engage more people with the dev team, and this person (i forgot the
name) wrote something in the lines of: "We should not talk so much about
how cool it is to be a creative down with FLOSS, instead, just _be_
cool." However, the idea was to showcase artists that used ubuntu
studio. I got very little response, but have been sitting on the few
articles i gathered in hopes of getting in more of them in order to have
a sort of constant flow of publications (one post per month-ish). Also,
the site would have needed some arrangement, and well, now is the moment
it seems. :)

I think it would be nice to have such a category. "Community Showcase"
and i've come to think it should even be a place for the userbase to get
closer to the dev team. Or even lead developers of gimp, blender,
ardour, you know... Nice people doing awesome things put in a cool light.



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