[ubuntu-studio-devel] Would Ubuntu Studio Team be Interested in Partnering with New England Conservatory?

Devin Ulibarri pikurasa at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 9 14:59:23 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I have access to reliable Jitsi channel (and am willing to use other solutions if need be).

I will limit further communication on this topic off-list.

Thanks for everything to get this started.


On July 9, 2016 7:08:06 AM EDT, "Jimmy Sjölund" <jimmy at sjolund.se> wrote:
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>Interested in Partnering with New England Conservatory?
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>it is very hard and confusing to read your emails, jimmy. you do not
>I have filed a bug to ProtonMail. Not much more I can do unfortunately
>other than to edit > myself.
>> when you write 'we' in the context of the list you have to expect
>> read as speaking on behalf of the team. for personal matters please
>> email off-list.
>I wrote "we" as in Devin and me and last I checked I was still
>considered a member of the team. In all my years in the Ubuntu Studio
>community have I heard that we were not allowed to continue a
>discussion in the thread on the mailing list. I did not know that as a
>member of the team I would need approval from anyone to talk to someone
>else. That's not a community I would support.
>> as for your implication of narrow minded attitude, i reckon that is a
>> matter of POV. However, as you may know, this is a foss mailing list.
>> Of course we should listen to NEC, non the less to use the teams
>> ressources to set up specialized ressources is detrimental to our
>> Given it is used properly, email is an excellent format to develop
>> and concepts, o is IRC. Ubuntu Studio is in itself proof of this
>How I use my own time and resources is up to me. I did not suggest
>anyone else would join a potential talk or put in time unless they
>wanted to or that Ubuntu Studio should set up any special resources for
>any party. I think you have misunderstood the whole point of my
>suggestion to have a chat with NEC.
>Further, if the OP feels email is limiting their way to express
>themselves, why would it be an issue to communicate in any other way?
>Email and IRC is not the best way for everyone.
>This thread is getting ridiculous. I'm out.
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