[ubuntu-studio-devel] Would Ubuntu Studio Team be Interested in Partnering with New England Conservatory?

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Sat Jul 9 13:12:34 UTC 2016

On 2016-07-09 13:08, Jimmy Sjölund wrote:
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>> it is very hard and confusing to read your emails, jimmy. you do
>> not quote properly.
> I have filed a bug to ProtonMail. Not much more I can do
> unfortunately other than to edit > myself.

Fair enough. I didn't know protonmail dose not allow Mail-clients.

>>> when you write 'we' in the context of the list you have to expect
>>> being read as speaking on behalf of the team. for personal
>>> matters please use email off-list
> I wrote "we" as in Devin and me

No, You wrote

> _We_ could set up a video call or Google Hangout if you would like to
> discuss a bit more easily.

In the context of the list, being the devel-team member that you are,
that sounds like "we, the team" to me... Maybe i'm the only one, but i
can't read your mind, sorry about that. I also apologize if i
anticipated Devin misunderstanding your statement as if "we", the team,
would set up a video conference for his project.

> and last I checked I was still considered a member of the team. 

Nobody is questioning your membership. (except maybe you in this
response and your launchpad karma page, but we all now launchpad isn't
necessarily representative)

> In
> all my years in the Ubuntu Studio community have I heard that we were
> not allowed to continue a discussion in the thread on the mailing
> list. I did not know that as a member of the team I would need
> approval from anyone to talk to someone else. That's not a community
> I would support.

Nobody suggested you are not allowed to continue discussions. All _i_
did was to correct/question what you ment by "we" and ask you if you
could set up video conferences using tools aligned with our philosophy:

>>> as for your implication of narrow minded attitude, i reckon that
>>> is a matter of POV. However, as you may know, this is a foss
>>> mailing list.
>>> Of course we should listen to NEC, non the less to use the teams
>>> sparse ressources to set up specialized ressources is detrimental
>>> to our
>> focus.
>>> Given it is used properly, email is an excellent format to
>>> develop
>> ideas
>>> and concepts, o is IRC. Ubuntu Studio is in itself proof of this
>> statement.
> How I use my own time and resources is up to me. I did not suggest 
> anyone else would join a potential talk or put in time unless they 
> wanted to or that Ubuntu Studio should set up any special resources
> for any party. I think you have misunderstood the whole point of my 
> suggestion to have a chat with NEC.

No jimmy: you missunderstood me. I think you need to read my mails a
couple of more times: all i did was to say you may use your time however
you want with whatever software you want, but to underline that you may
use your own personal tools for your own personal agenda. Basicaly,
exactly what you state here above.

> Further, if the OP feels email is limiting their way to express 
> themselves, why would it be an issue to communicate in any other
> way? Email and IRC is not the best way for everyone.

Sure thing! However, at this point, there is nothing much we can do
since the issue should be addressed to canonical. But like i wrote and
write again: you are welcome to give your personal assistance to anyone.
And If you do so using the group's tools, please be wary to pinpoint
that it is your own personal initiative, and avoid generalizing terms
such as "we", when you in fact mean "he/her and me".

> This thread is getting ridiculous. I'm out.
> /Jimmy

I agree, by taking everything personally you made it so. I understand
from previous discussion between you and me that you have a personal
issue with my ethics. I hereby kindly invite you to take those issues up
with me personally off-list. Letting your frustration roll out on the
list makes us all look bad.

Devin: i'm sorry this thread took the appearance of you ending up in the
middle of this. But you aren't the cause for anything here. You are
doing the right thing by asking for guidance and motivating everyone
with your constructive ways. Like i said previously: Rest assured you
are welcome to ask any question to the list or team and we will do our
best to help you to the possible extend.

However, and i repeat, canonical is your channel, they might indeed be
able to set-up a conference with hang-outs, i've only talked to them via

Set Sakrecoer

Set Hallstrom aka sakrecoer

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