[ubuntu-studio-devel] Wallpaper Packaging Help Request

set public at sakrecoer.com
Tue Feb 9 19:15:15 UTC 2016

On 2016-02-09 13:02, C. F. Howlett wrote:
> Greetings Art Team et al:
> As you may recall, Set and I have been coordinating the Xenial Xerus 
> Wallpaper Contest.  Voting begins 02/11/16 and concludes 02/15/16
> with final results publicized 02/18/16, i.e. Feature Freeze.

I really appreciate you giving me credits, even though you clearly
pulled the biggest part of this thing! Thank you cfhowlett!! :)

> There are many moving pieces that must be correctly aligned to package
> and submit the wallpapers before the impending Feature Freeze deadline. 
> I have no experience and little time to get up to speed with Ubuntu
> packaging, so I request assistance to pre-stage and prepare.  Ideally,
> we can "simply" drop in the documenation and source wallpapers to create
> a completed .deb package.
> As I understand it, the 14 pre-existing wallpapers should already be
> fully documented and sourced.  The incoming wallpapers must be
> documented, sourced and packaged in advance of Feature Freeze.  (Please
> forgive the tight timeframe - inspiration for this effort came upon me
> without regard to the release schedule.)  I believe I am up to
> documenting the wallpapers if someone can guide me but it would probably
> be best if I hand the information off to an experienced packager! 

I don't know how to help here, yet, but i sure am interested in the
process. Please include me in the process if there is time and space for

> The Art Team must select a default wallpaper!  If I may be
> pre-emptive, I heartily nominate Hotwheel from Li Hua Liu of the
> Ubuntu-Kylin team. It's hot!  It's cool!  It's distinctive!  It's
> creative!  It's Ubuntu Studio!  See for yourself: h t t p s
> ://flic.kr/p/CMaK5W

I like it too! It contrasts well with the ubuntu studio-blue of the menu
(todeloo, tatoo, i just had to :p :D)

> Package all wallpapers that are not selected.  This gives all the 
> contributors a "win" and I have seen other *buntus do this.  Perhaps 
> something like "UbuntuStudioXXCommunityWallpapers"?

I'm not against it if its do-able. :) It sure would be good for morale
within the users. But do i understand right? You want 2 different packages?

> The Ubuntu 16.04 Free Culture Showcase launched on 12/16/15.  At the 
> moment, this group has 26 entries.  The Ubuntu Studio 16.04
> Wallpaper Contest launched 01/09/16 and has 69 entries as of this
> writing.  The level of user interest in our comparatively obscure
> Ubuntu derivative suggests that there is a receptive audience.  I
> submit that we can and should find more ways to leverage this
> interest to raise awareness of Ubuntu Studio.

Good point! Perhaps its too late for this cycle? But a sort of... "sound
font" contest maybe? Trying to find some cool alert-tones and such? :)

> Thank you to Set, Kaj, and all others, named and unnamed, who have 
> helped out with this project!

:) Let's keep the ball rolling until the goal line!! You rock cfhowlett!


Set Sakrecoer

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