[ubuntu-studio-devel] Wallpaper Packaging Help Request

C. F. Howlett cfhowlett at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 9 12:02:43 UTC 2016

Greetings Art Team et al:


As you may recall, Set and I have been coordinating the Xenial Xerus
Wallpaper Contest.  Voting begins 02/11/16 and concludes 02/15/16 with
final results publicized 02/18/16, i.e. Feature Freeze.

There are many moving pieces that must be correctly aligned to package
and submit the wallpapers before the impending Feature Freeze deadline. 
I have no experience and little time to get up to speed with Ubuntu
packaging, so I request assistance to pre-stage and prepare.  Ideally,
we can "simply" drop in the documenation and source wallpapers to create
a completed .deb package.

As I understand it, the 14 pre-existing wallpapers should already be
fully documented and sourced.  The incoming wallpapers must be
documented, sourced and packaged in advance of Feature Freeze.  (Please
forgive the tight timeframe - inspiration for this effort came upon me
without regard to the release schedule.)  I believe I am up to
documenting the wallpapers if someone can guide me but it would probably
be best if I hand the information off to an experienced packager!  


The Art Team must select a default wallpaper!  If I may be pre-emptive,
I heartily nominate Hotwheel from Li Hua Liu of the Ubuntu-Kylin team.  
It's hot!  It's cool!  It's distinctive!  It's creative!  It's Ubuntu
Studio!  See for yourself: h t t p s ://flic.kr/p/CMaK5W


Package all wallpapers that are not selected.  This gives all the
contributors a "win" and I have seen other *buntus do this.  Perhaps
something like "UbuntuStudioXXCommunityWallpapers"?


The Ubuntu 16.04 Free Culture Showcase launched on 12/16/15.  At the
moment, this group has 26 entries.  The Ubuntu Studio 16.04 Wallpaper
Contest launched 01/09/16 and has 69 entries as of this writing.  The
level of user interest in our comparatively obscure Ubuntu derivative
suggests that there is a receptive audience.  I submit that we can and
should find more ways to leverage this interest to raise awareness of
Ubuntu Studio.  

Thank you to Set, Kaj, and all others, named and unnamed, who have
helped out with this project!

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