[ubuntu-studio-devel] Hellotux shop

Thomas Pfundt tux at pfundtdesign.de
Thu Aug 11 14:50:00 UTC 2016

On 11.08.2016 15:42, ttoine wrote:

> @thomas: hellotux is not printing. This is embroidery and that's why
> it can not be detailed. The picture on the webshop are made with
> Photoshop from a first embroidery done on plain fabric, not on actual
> polo/shirt. I will share a picture of the one I get, asap.

To make my point clear, I was actually not criticising the quality or
level of detail of the embroidery, but obvious mistakes. The embroidery
seems very detailed already and (although I am no expert in clothing)
the missing blue sphere in the middle seems more like a graphic
reproduction mistake rather that something they are not able to do.
Maybe it's even correct in the finished product, then just the images on
the site would have to be corrected, this does not change the
inconsistency with the white background on the black clothing, however.

It would alternatively also be possible to change the white spots to
black for the logo on the black shirt (the wording is in black on the
white shirts, so I assume black embroidery is generally possible), then
the logo would be visually correct.

>From a quality standpoint, I think it's the better choice to not offer
shirts with incorrect logos at all. It will rather harm than benefit the
impact of the brand (I don't like to use this word, but it's really what
it is), especially in a professional environment.

On 11.08.2016 15:42, ttoine wrote:
> @ralf: Your point of view is extreme. This is not the point of view we
> should expect from an Ubuntu Studio enthusiast, and from an open
> source enthusiast in general (and trust me, I know what I am telling
> here). Question: would you wear some Ubuntu Studio swag at an open
> source conference???

Actually, I did not think of his points initially and I must say that I
find them very important. The only restraint I have is that it seems
hard to act upon these values unless the person claiming this is already
solely using only labour law respecting, ecologically friendly clothing,
Fairphones and computers made out of scrap metal from the nearest
junkyard, exclusively. In a way, most of us in this channel are probably
currently guilty of taking advantage of the global market and production
system to a certain extent.

It's maybe interesting to find out where their base clothing comes from.
If they were able to offer fair trade / green clothing (or maybe already
do without disclosing it), that could even be an advantage.

As far as where their funds go, there probably won't be any more
transparency as with any other random print shop / online store, it's a
business after all. There are general food chains in some countries
supporting military industrial research. I guess not everybody likes to
endorse warfare while enjoying a premade pizza in the evening, but
that's just the reality. If there is no evidence of the promotion of
discrimination or crimes, it's impractical to suspect even the smallest
family business to be involved in such behaviour. For all I know, you
Ralf, could be an internal developer for "WhiteOS", the KKK exclusive
operating system. I have no evidence in favour or against this at hand,
whatsoever. ;)

Best regards,

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