[ubuntu-studio-devel] Nautilus always resets itself to icon-view upon, closing

Wachín wachin.id at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 15:00:37 UTC 2016

to work with list- or detail-view in nautilus so you need to install:

sudo apt-get install dconf-editor

launch it from terminal, or with the launcher Alt+F2, with:


Go to:




double clic in "default-folder-viewer" and chose that you want, example 


it is important that you recorded in your memory the name of that 
package "dconf-editor" for you easy use in next times

Oh, I said you a new. In the repositories of 15.10 there is a package 
called dolphin4, this software I use to my main file manager, this is 
the same that dolphin but working the search option. I know is necessary 
to install dome services, but is very fantanstic. If you try to use it, 
I made some tutorials for the most necessary config:

Extraer aquí - Comprimir (File-Roller) para dolphin

Añadir enqueue (a la cola de reproducción) al menu contextual del 
administrador de archivos dolphin

other importantly:

kubuntu - Enabling PDF preview in Dolphin - Ask Ubuntu
from this I install:  kdegraphics-thumbnailers

See also:
Preview video files with Dolphin file manager
inside the:
from this I install:   mplayerthumbs

Sorry my english I am spanish parlant

God Bless,
Washington Indacochea Delgado

El 21/04/16 a las 07:30, Thomas Pfundt escribió:
> work for setting the default file manager, that is a bug for sure.
> Oh no, maybe I've not clearly described the issue with this. I am able
> to install Nautilus and set it as the default file manager. The problem
> is that I have not been able to access its preferences, because the
> Xfce-menu links still open the Thunar settings and I have not been able
> to access the Nautilus menu bar with Alt+F10 or by any other means.
> Because of this, Nautilus always resets itself to icon-view upon
> closing, which is a bit unfortunate, because I tend to work with list-
> or detail-views in the folders mostly and I basically have to set this
> every time when launching the file manager. Accessing any other settings
> is not possible either at this point. It's really a matter of
> convenience for me, but not being able to access an alternative file
> manager's preferences might be an issue. Like I mentioned, I also can't
> find a terminal command for it, such as "nautilus-preferences/-settings"
> or anything similar.
> I also just realised that Nautilus is not really popular among the
> community apparently, I just haven't used any other file manager in the
> past and I've never experienced any particular problems with it
> personally, so this was my first choice after Thunar became too
> impractical to use for me. If there is another favourite file manager
> for someone here, maybe I could try that one instead and see if it works
> better in terms of integration and stability.
> Kind regards,
> Thomas
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