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Jimmy Sjölund jimmy at sjolund.se
Fri Sep 4 09:35:59 UTC 2015

On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 11:12 AM, ttoine <ttoine at ttoine.net> wrote:

>> Another issue are the Linux (audio) communities. There unlikely is a
>> place with more narrow-minded narcissist then Linux (audio) communities.
> I agree. This has always been a serious issue, from the beginning of
> Ubuntu Studio.

Yes and no. Any audio community is like this IMHO, post a question
somewhere on how to do X with Reaper running Windows 7 och you get 12
replies "By a Mac Pro you idiot!". Or vice versa.

> The bottom line is that you need to use Linux the way it is and if you
>> expect an easy way to make music in the way as most people do it
>> nowadays, then don't use Linux. If you want to make music in an old
>> fashion way without experiencing issues, then don't use Linux.
> If me and others would have been thinking like that 10 years ago, Ubuntu
> Studio would not have been created at all. We were optimistic,
> enthusiastic, and we did it. The best proof in fact is that you are
> contributing to it.

Not sure what is meant here. I use US to record music in an old fashion
way. I want to record like I did on tape. I don't cut and paste in my
tracks. I don't use sequencers. If I record something I play it until
right. But I stopped even that and do one take only, but that's another

>> What you want stays out of reach.
> We can change the game if we promote manufacturers who provide Linux
> support for their hardware. We can also accept to speak clearly about non
> free professional software that are working on Ubuntu Studio.
> So, at the moment, you are right. But in the future, it depends on us.
> So again, the question: do we do that with Ubuntu Studio ? or does it need
> a new project with another name, like Elementary OS and Mint ?
Yes, I think Ubuntu Studio is still the way to go forward. We might not be
allowed or able to include propriatery software in the ISOs, but if we make
great documentation on how to install and use for instance Lightworks,
that's reaching a long way. With any luck, since hardware developer in some
areas are opening up to Ubuntu we might get some advantages there being an
official Ubuntu flavour when lobbying hardware creators. Trying to lobby
for XYZ Studio might be harder than to say, "Look you are already
supporting Ubuntu how about just making these updates for Ubuntu Studio?".
Not that I have any experience with lobbying hardware manufactorers but ...

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