[ubuntu-studio-devel] Call for contributors for 16.04 LTS (Testing, PR&Support, Artwork, Packaging, Documentation)

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Tue Oct 27 10:17:51 UTC 2015

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015, at 09:52 AM, brian at linuxsynths.com wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I'm kind of new here, but happy to be on the mailing
> list! :) I've been using Ubuntu Studio, together with KXStudio, since
> version 12.04, and I couldn't be happier. (On a side note, I'd love to
> see Csound version 6.04 added to the repos, if possible, since ver. 6.02
> caused some audio signal problems and might not be the best version to
> have out there..) 
> Anyways, I was thinking I could add a page on my
> website about Ubuntu Studio, to help get the word out. It could even
> provide a bit of documentation about the OS, if desired.  
> Anyway, my
> thought was that, by adding a page about Ubuntu Studio, it would
> certainly help to "get the word out." I can also mention it on my
> Soundcloud page, etc. There might even be elements already put together
> that could be inserted in my site. (The site is: www.linuxsynths.com)

Those things would no doubt help make more people aware of Ubuntu
Studio, so that would be great.

In some cases it would be nice to have some ready to use artwork, some
html code for a logo link, perhaps?
Zak, who has been our art lead would no doubt do a good job on this. He
may be too busy to work on it now, hoping he may have more time later in
the development cycle.
Not absolutely needed of course, but it's nice when it looks good. If
anyone would like to take a shot at that, be my guest. Just tell me
first, and I'll direct you to relevant material.

> The documentation does indeed look scarce. I've made a simple
> how-to-get-started page (link found on homepage) about getting Ubuntu
> Studio downloaded, burned to disc, and installed. It might need some
> updating, but it could be a useful link, to save time that could be
> dedicated to other things.. 
> brian 

We do have our own download page with information on how to create the
installer, with links to more detailed information on various subjects.
What I see is lacking is perhaps the part about booting the actually
installer. We don't mention UEFI at all. So, we could improve that page,
no doubt.
However, the more complicated that page becomes, the more reason to move
that information to a dedicated page. The original structure for a user
guide would include a section about installing Ubuntu Studio. Providing
videos would also be very good.

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