[ubuntu-studio-devel] Call for contributors for 16.04 LTS (Testing, PR&Support, Artwork, Packaging, Documentation)

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Tue Oct 27 08:52:13 UTC 2015


Hi all, 

I'm kind of new here, but happy to be on the mailing
list! :) I've been using Ubuntu Studio, together with KXStudio, since
version 12.04, and I couldn't be happier. (On a side note, I'd love to
see Csound version 6.04 added to the repos, if possible, since ver. 6.02
caused some audio signal problems and might not be the best version to
have out there..) 

Anyways, I was thinking I could add a page on my
website about Ubuntu Studio, to help get the word out. It could even
provide a bit of documentation about the OS, if desired.  

Anyway, my
thought was that, by adding a page about Ubuntu Studio, it would
certainly help to "get the word out." I can also mention it on my
Soundcloud page, etc. There might even be elements already put together
that could be inserted in my site. (The site is: www.linuxsynths.com)

The documentation does indeed look scarce. I've made a simple
how-to-get-started page (link found on homepage) about getting Ubuntu
Studio downloaded, burned to disc, and installed. It might need some
updating, but it could be a useful link, to save time that could be
dedicated to other things.. 


On Mon, 26 Oct 2015 15:29:41
+0100, Kaj Ailomaa wrote: 

> Another cycle begins.
And, before we begin, I would like to know WHO
> read through
any section that seems interesting to you - or if you
> already know
what you would like to do, respond to this post telling us
> what you
would like to help out with. If we don't already know you, you
> may
also present yourself a little bit.
> Developer documentation can be
found at
> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio [1]. FYI, documentation
is in larger
> parts either unfinished, non existing, or inaccurate, and
is likely to
> change somewhat the coming weeks.

> Each area of development
would benefit of having someone in charge, so
> if you feel up to it,
you may nominate yourself or someone else for
> taking the lead of any
of the areas:
> * Testing
> * PR and Support
> * Artwork
> *
> Wait, what about packaging and development? - We
don't really need leads
> in this field. Read more at the end of this
> I will decide who becomes lead of an area, based on who I
judge most
> suitable. And the most important factor for being suitable
is just being
> reliable and available, not having the best language or
coding skills.
> A lead may be responsible for certain things, but
nothing overwhelming
> usually. This would take some burden off of me.
But, also, a lead will
> have much freedom in shaping the work in their
field. As long as the
> work doesn't break or conflict with anything,
there's no reason for a
> core member like myself, or Oven to have any
> We need to start doing application
> For this, we need to start writing test cases. The period
best suited
> for application testing is right after Debian Import
Freeze, which
> happens when the first Beta Release of Ubuntu Studio
comes out, which
> should be around February. So, we have about 4 months
time to write a
> bunch of test cases.
> Testing applications thoroughly
should produce more bug reports, and
> clarify many problems with how
applications are packaged or coded, so
> this is actually very important
work from a user point of view.
> Testing lead would be responsible
for making sure our ISOs are tested
> and marked ready for release. This
will happen at least three times next
> cycle, February (Beta1),
March(FinalBeta) and April(FinalRelease).
> If application testing ever
becomes successful, the lead would also be
> responsible for documenting
bugs and other problems, so that developers
> may do something to
correct them.
> First off, we don't need to do
stuff only in English. I know there are
> people who speak other
languages out there, and there's plenty that can
> be done in other
languages as well.
> Currently what we do is report our releases, and
a few people are
> involved in helping users on different channels. This
is not enough! We
> should be more active in getting the word about
Ubuntu Studio. And that
> could be anything from writing articles, doing
interviews, participating
> in interviews, making videos, etc.
> A
lead for PR and support would be responsible for making sure stuff
gets published and in the right forums. Additionally, It would be
> if this person took steps to develop our media presence in some
> like non-English contributions feel welcome.
This is kind of a special field. At the very least, we need a new
wallpaper for 16.04. But, we might also need work done on our desktop
look, or our website look. If you feel like you could do something
> please let us know.
> An artwork lead would be responsible
for organization our artwork
> (currently, not very organized - old, as
well as new). Also, setting up
> a wallpaper contest would be nice
(we've had plans for it, but nothing
> so far).

> This is a very neglected field of many projects. What we could use
> help on is user documentation. Both in the forms of text and
video. We
> have a format for doing videos, and it doesn't have to
require speech,
> so anyone could do this.
> A lead for Documentation
would primarily be responsible for user
> documentation. There has been
some discussion about this already.
> I am doing developer documentation
until I quit being project lead, but
> I'm not shutting anyone out if
someone has ideas or whatever.
> No
lead positions for this one. And, this is a broad field. Working in
other areas will most likely lead you to learn at least a tiny amount
> Debian packaging, which is what most of our software development
> around.
> Things that we do work on:
> * Fix bugs in
packages (requires at least some knowledge in Debian
> package)
> *
System tuning (kernel tuning and other system tuning)
> * Application
development (ubuntustudio-menu, ubuntustudio-controls,
> ------------------------------
Alright. I'll be reaching out to different forums in the coming weeks
> try get more people involved and referring to this thread.
Hopefully we
> can get something going this cycle, and make the next LTS
a really great
> one!


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