[ubuntu-studio-devel] Menu Layout

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Tue May 19 10:43:42 UTC 2015

Here's the feature definition page for ubuntustudio-menu

In the proposal for the 15.10 menu..

* "Audio Tools" was removed from the video category, as agreed

* I renamed sub-category "audio processing" to "effects", which seemed
like a more common name (I think Len already suggested this as well)
* I renamed sub-category "sound generators" to "instruments", for the
same reason
* Photography was moved to be a sub-category to graphics, which is more
in line with freedesktop categorization
* Publishing was moved to be a sub-category to grahics, for the same

* "Audio Utlities" was suggested by Len - Not a freedesktop category ( I
would also like to see which desktop files will go in there)
* "2DGraphics" was proposed by Set, and is also a freedesktop category.
Added as a sub-category to graphics
* "3DGraphics", same story
* I also added "scanning" to "graphics", as it is a freedesktop
category, and it felt right to have it there

All but three categories are standard freedesktop categories. Our menu,
however, is not using those to populate the menu, but at least we're on
the right track if we want to align with freedesktop categorization.

Why I don't want to add categories "sequencer", "recorder" to the main
category "audio", all though they are freedesktop categories is simply
because very few applications are only doing those things. Perhaps if we
add a category for DAW, it would also make more sense to use sequencer
and recorder for applications that are not DAWs in the same fashion.

"Video" is not regarded as a big category for some reason. There are no
sub categories for that, other than perhaps "recorder" and "player",
which are the same for both "audio" and "video". Do we need more
categories here?

Categories are fine, but they also need to fill a practical purpose. If
only one desktop file in all of Ubuntu repo ends up in a subcategory,
there is probably no reason to have it in our menu - that is what the
main categories are for. That said, it's probably better we add more
than less, and then judge by the result which can be removed later.

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