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Artwork and even software can be posted to Archive.org. I have a whole set of
debian packages for MATE built with gtk3 plus my  modded "UbuntuStudio Legacy"
GTK 2/3 and icon themes there:


I don't see any reason why UbuntuStudio couldn't create a standing account there and
use it for artwork, themes, and if necessary software packages.

Anytime I have to post something to a site like Wordpress that comes with ads
and trackers, I warn people to use NoScript or at least Adblock. The Internet has
become an exceptionally malicious place so I recommend aggressive forward

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>Can you suggest alternatives, Ralf?
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>WMID wrote:
>>> >http://ubuntu-studio-da.deviantart.com/
>> Advertising from the above link:
>> "Thai Dating and Singles
>> It's showing the picture of a very, very young "women".
>> I'm sure that this isn't meant with the Ubuntu philosophy of 
>> towards others".
>> When I visited the above link it came with "only" 15 trackers.
>> "DeviantArt is the world?s largest source of high-quality,
>> artist-generated visual content and attracts users from every
>> demographic possible. We proudly guarantee 100% brand-safe 
>> opportunities. It starts here. We set the course together.
>> Let us show you how to access the largest and most influential
>> community of culture creators and culture responders in the 
>> Discover the opportunities to enter this current with your 
>brand. Reach
>> 65 million people drenched in the creative zeitgeist of pop 
>> fandom." -http://deviantartads.com/
>> It shouldn't become the Ubuntu Studio PR policy to contribute to 
>> criminal crap on this planet. One reason to use Linux is to stay 
>> from data mining, admass and spin.
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