[ubuntu-studio-devel] continued as per request, from IRC

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sat Aug 22 13:39:05 UTC 2015

On Thu, 20 Aug 2015 22:44:39 +0200, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:
>So, to answer your question why some packages aren't making it into
>Ubuntu - no one seems interested enough to package them, or there is a
>problem with the package following Debian or Ubuntu policies. I really
>don't know which.

The Ubuntu infrastructure to get things done is broken.

I'm an experienced user and I'm able to help developers to fix bugs.

Usually it's very easy to report bugs and to help developers to fix

Requests in getting help to help Ubuntu developers lead to discussions
about Ubuntu's systemd and about Ubuntu's policy regarding kernel
builds, not started by me, I just asked ... I try to do this, how can I
do it? ... no chance ... still the green drive issue isn't fixed and
I found other issues, but I'm not interested to report them.

Anything beyond the focus of Ubuntu maintainers leads to discussions.

Mike mentions an audio software channel were Ubuntu is frowned upon,
but it's not limited to audio software used by a minority of Ubuntu
users. Join the Evolution mailing list, or even read what KDE users
experience reading Kubuntu users mailing list.

Let alone that "upstream" is for Debian and not for what the term
"upstream" usually is for. So some discussions were talk at cross
purposes, just regarding the Ubuntu policy that "upstream" is for
Debian and not for the "real" upstream.

I now wasted more than a week without getting a single thing done.

At least I can't imagine helping to maintain packages for audio
usage, when it's already a PITA to set up a minimal basic install of a
development branch and troubleshooting bugs isn't done as it is done
for other distros and for upstream (the real upstream).

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