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Thu May 23 09:20:44 UTC 2013

On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 10:32 PM, Kaj Ailomaa <zequence at> wrote
> It's just a fact. Ubuntu Studio is not a only a pro audio orientated
> distribution. We currently have "audio", "video", "graphics",
> "publishing" and "photography" as our range of workflows. You may check
> out this to read more about that
> The job for Ubuntu Studio has never been to be a customized distribution
> for pro audio. Rather, the idea of Ubuntu Studio from the start has been
> to be an example - a showcase, of what regular Ubuntu can do, with a
> nice selection of multimedia applications, configurations - and since
> linux-generic doesn't cut it, we have linux-lowlatency in its place.
> If what you want is a hardcore pro audio orientated distribution, for
> example something based on Ubuntu, where some applications have been
> patched - in other words, recoded, then KXStudio is a much better
> choice. KXStudio is a custom distro in this way. Ubuntu Studio is not,
> and doesn't try to be.
That I fully understand, I never wrote or expected US to be "audio only". I
believe the strength is that is is all those things. What I wondered was
why it wouldn't be "pro". I also added that the audio parts was the only
thing I have some knowledge about which is why I only commented about those
And thanks for the somewhat condescending link to the tour of Ubuntu
Studio. I have been using US since 8.04 and yeah perhaps I don't watch the
whole tour every time I upgrade.

I'm a bit confused by the showcase remark. To follow that thread once you
have seen what you can do with regular Ubuntu, you should then move to
regular Ubuntu and the US work is done? I have been looking at Ubuntu
Studio as its own distribution, not a commercial for regular Ubuntu.

> The
> DE doesn't have that much of an impact on performance most of the time.
> This may have more to do with graphic drivers and desktop FX.
> I notice a big difference in performance on my laptop at least, depending
on what DE I use.

> >
> > Not being able to code I don't know how to contribute even though I
> > really
> > would like to? Other than participating in the mailing list that is.
> >
> You don't need to know how to code in order to help. Coding is not the
> main thing we do. Just read

Which I did, that's how I found this mailing list. But from what I seen so
far it's not really inviting to try do more, so perhaps after 5 years of US
I will look into KXstudio on another platform instead.

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