Making Studio work with more than one DE

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Wed May 22 17:32:32 UTC 2013

Getting audio working for audio production, with some bloated desktop
environments is not very useful. Some desktop environemts do start a
chunk of services by default to automagically enable usage for many
things, so the user needs to customize those desktops for audio work, or
somebody from the community has to do it. There are common workflows for
pro-audio work and even while I could add a list of odd things, caused
by Xfce, it's a sane choice to use it as the default for Ubuntu Studio.
I'm using it on other Linux installs too.

Pulseaudio is something that should be discussed. It's not an issue to
have it installed and to disable it, but it's an issue for users who
start sessions by scripts, if there is the need to start "qjackctl", but
to kill "qjackctl.real" or what ever it's called ;). I don't remember
what the "qjackctl"(.fake)-script does and can't take a look at it at
the moment, but IIRC it did something that also could be started by
qjackctl, instead of naming a script qjackctl and then let it start

IMO it's already annoying if I need to start an app by it's name, but to
kill it by killing python, however, this at least makes sense, while
this qjackctl.thingy is an exotic Ubuntu Studio unique thing, that IMO
isn't well thought out. A wrapper sometimes is useful, but this wrapper
is strange.

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