Making Studio work with more than one DE

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at
Wed May 22 17:22:30 UTC 2013

Am 22.05.2013 18:38, schrieb Kaj Ailomaa:
> On Wed, May 22, 2013, at 05:23 PM, Hartmut Noack wrote:
>> Am 22.05.2013 16:12, schrieb Kaj Ailomaa:
>>> On Wed, May 22, 2013, at 09:25 AM, Hartmut Noack wrote:
>>>> Am 22.05.2013 07:53, schrieb Len Ovens:
>>>>> This is an interesting project.
>>>> To be frank: "interesting project" is quite bold a description for
>>>> installing more than one DE in Linux. It would be "interesting" though,
>>>> if the US-packages would fail to run OK in KDE, Fluxbox UNITY, you name
>>>> it.
>>>> So if you got the time, and if you do not mind please allow me to point
>>>> your attention to other things, that my or may not be most interesting
>>>> too:
>>>> Mon May 13 17:50:27 2013: JACK server starting in realtime mode with
>>>> priority 10
>>>> Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: cannot register object path
>>>> "/org/freedesktop/ReserveDevice1/Audio2": A handler is already
>>>> registered for /org/freedesktop/ReserveDevice1/Audio2
>>>> Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: Failed to acquire device name : Audio2
>>>> error : A handler is already registered for
>>>> /org/freedesktop/ReserveDevice1/Audio2
>>>> Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: Audio device hw:2 cannot be acquired...
>>>> Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: Cannot initialize driver
>>>> Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: JackServer::Open failed with -1
>>>> Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: Failed to open server
>>>> To have a Ubuntu Studio, that can in fact always start Jack on supported
>>>> hardware under any DE you like, would indeed be a most interesting thing
>>>> to be achieved I dare to think.
>>>> best regards
>>>> HZN

First of all, thank you for your elaborate and constructive answer. Ths
is much more than I get before when discussing this bug(expect from
FalkTX, who did his best to help me out)

> I haven't seen this bug before, but it does seem like the card is
> already being used by something - maybe even another jack? 

indeed there was jackdbus running when I encountered this  but killing
it did not help.

> If you want
> to help solve it, make a bug report, and try to find out the cause of
> the problem as well as you can. It's the best chance of someone learning
> how to fix it.

This is excellent advise and I am *NOT* ironic: find out what happens
and fix it is the way, I try to go with this bug for about a year now.
In several fora and lists.

> And, let me rant for a little bit..
> First of all, Ubuntu Studio is not a pro audio distribution.

Please: if it is not, then it is nothing but some "skin" for Ubuntu. It
is perfectly acceptable, that it is not tweaked to the limits (RT-kernel
etc) but I am sure, you will agree, that if Ardour does not work
normally on it, what remains to make it any special?

>  It's for
> all multimedia content creation. So simply removing pulseaudio is of
> course out of the question 

This I agree, the charme of US is the compromise between real-world
Desktop and Pro, good way to go and perfectly possible methinks.

>- but I'm considering making it configurable
> so that one can choose not use it, or even not to install it in the
> first place. More to come on this in the future.
> In any way, the installer will have more options than today.
> There is no strict central planning involved in developing Ubuntu
> Studio. Only in areas where it is found necessary. Which means, if you
> want to do something for Ubuntu Studio, and it doesn't break anything
> for anyone else, you are free to do it. 
> Not everyone is adept at fixing issues in pulseaudio and jack code, so
> one cannot expect the team to only work for that. I hope I'm making a
> point clear about this. 

This I am aware, the percentage of coders who actually can fix bugs in
these delicate beasts is not that high. Thats why I mentioned the
PITA-thing: the more people speak about these problems, the more
motivation to fix them for those who can.
No complaints - no problem - no fix. That simple.

best regards


> Further, people who don't care about pulseaudio will of course not care
> about fixing problems with it at all.
> So far, I've been able to add upstream fixes to jack and pulseaudio by
> adding patches to packages. As a new member of the Debian Multimedia
> Team, I will also start to work on improving the actual packages that we
> import from Debian - as, we don't actually package them ourselves, which
> some have been led to believe.
> There are some issues that I would like to look at, among other things
> how jack is packaged, and also, how realtime privilege is administered. 
> My goal is to make any Ubuntu flavor just as easy to use for multimedia
> (including pro audio) content creation.
> So, making Ubuntu Studio work well on all DEs is not a bad goal. And the
> people who find that interesting will be the people who do the work.
> Simple as that. This goes for all areas of interests. I find this to be
> a good democratic way to go about developing a community Ubuntu based
> flavor.
> It will also shine a light on all the issues that exist on different
> DEs, and will enable us to come up with generic solutions that can be
> applied not just to one DE, but to all of them.
> If you have ideas on how to improve things, you are free to suggest
> them. All good ideas are welcome. 
> To have a better chance of getting those implemented, uou are also free
> to help realize them - which is another important point. Please remember
> that the team is only a handful of people, and constructive help in most
> cases is actually doing things yourself. 
> I'm currently trying to get more people involved, and we have gotten
> some responses. Many people come by, but getting really dedicated people
> doesn't happen every day, and most people simply don't have the time for
> it.

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