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> A good description of a video workflow for those of us who don't know
> anything about it would be very useful. In fact a documentation of the
> video work flow for those starting out in video creation would be
> fantastic.
As I wrote before I got caught of the conception of VideoSongs which is
format for doing music videos with two rules:
1. What you see is what you hear (no lip-syncing for instruments or voice).
2. If you hear it, at some point you see it (no hidden sounds).

So, when recording my music I now also set up my iPhone to record myself
recording the music. This is later cut to a VideoSong. For an example check
out which was the song that made me discover

When I have finished the song, editing and mastering I go to work to make
the video:

1) Import all the record videos into the video editor. For now I use
Kdenlive, but will learn Cinelerra as well to see if it might fit my
process better.

2) Import the actual song.

3) Since I also use a one-take-only policy on my recordings I don't have to
sort out which take of which instrument I used in the final song, there
will be only one video file for each instrument played.

4) I have sync all the videos to the music file. To do this in Mac or
Windows the video editor often support scrubbing, so you can pinpoint the
audio in the current video with the same spot in the song. Kdenlive does
not support scrubbing so I have to look for obvious things in the track,
like certain words sung or when an instrument start to play. This I can do
visually and also by zooming in on the graphic display of the audio in the
song and recorded video. This step takes some time and need to be done for
each track. Otherwise later on in the video it will start to get out of
sync and look bad. Once everything is lined up I can mute or delete all the
audio from the video files and only hear the original song audio.

5) Then the cutting begins. I'm quite basic so far in my editing so it's
mostly just simple cuts between the different instruments, a couple of fade
in fade out, some 'picture-in-picture' clips and such.

6) When I'm happy with all the different cuts I add an ending screen since
my goal is to put everything up on Youtube. It will contain some
information about me, the song and a couple of pre-views of other videos
I've made. Later on I will edit this part in Youtube to add links to the
different videos, subcribe link and so on.

7) Next I render to a format that will make it look good on Youtube. I use
downloaded Render Profiles downloaded from within Kdenlive. So far I
haven't made any other rendering, to save it for future use.

8) I then check the video in different players and with different computers
and OS to make sure it is in sync and no glitches in video or audio have
occured while rendering.

9) If I'm happy with it all I upload to Youtube. Case closed.

This is by no means a professional workflow but it's what I've come up with
so far. What I miss is a simple way to get all the video clips in sync with
the music and an easy way to do 'picture-in-picture'. I have found a way to
make the pic-in-pic sort of like I want it to look but it's a bit tricky
and takes a long time. I've seen tutorials on how to do it on other
platforms and video editors and it's very quick and simple. Perhaps
Cinelerra might have an easier way to do this, but I haven't had time or
knowledge to figure it out so far.

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