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> Thank you for your comment. At the moment there doesn't seem to be anyone
> who does more video than anything else. The purpose of a video player at
> this point was for the normal desktop use as in completeness. I had not
> thought of it as an essential tool for video creation.  That would be my
> blind side. I understand video from an analogue and live production POV,
> but not Desktop video creation. So I have added parole to fill the desktop
> spot. Xine (which works for me when other things don't) seems to come by
> default. But if there is something that is needed to fill a spot in the
> video creation workflow. I would like to hear more about it. I had always
> thought that the video editors like kdenlive provide their own way of
> showing a video and that because of that a video player would not be
> needed.
> A good description of a video workflow for those of us who don't know
> anything about it would be very useful. In fact a documentation of the
> video work flow for those starting out in video creation would be
> fantastic.
I just started out making VideoSongs for my recorded music. I have tried
out some different video editing software but made the last ones in
Kdenlive. I don't know about the "normal" video creation workflow since I'm
still learning by reading tutorials and a lot of trial and error. But
coming from the audio world I still want to check my rendered video in a
couple of video players and just not in Kdenlive. Things can look great in
the video editing software, but still be jerky or out of sync when played
in other players.

I have no preference between Parole and Xine, I just like Xine since it was
there and worked straight away. If both were installed by default I would
most likely check my videos in both as well as in mplayer and VLC.

As for video editors I have been curious why Cinelerra have not been part
of Ubuntu Studio releases, any specific reason for that? It seems like a
very competent application, but I haven't managed to use it properly yet
due to a IMHO steeper learning curve and lack of time from my part. There
are some great documentation though.

As I have been learning Kdenlive I have been meaning to do a couple of
tutorials on topics that are not provided on the kdenlive site or too
outdated. But yet again, time has not been my friend.

I will try to map out my video workflow later on today.

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