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Sun Jun 2 17:43:23 UTC 2013

One more thing about Xine: In a default install of Ubuntustudio, I was
able to play H264/mp4 video in Xine without installing extra codecs, 
thanks to the ffmpeg version used.  

If there is a policy that gstreamer-ffmpeg can't be shipped by default but
the underlying ffmpeg can be, that's inconsistant. I know that sort of 
decision gets made upstream, but it creates a default install that 
can't do it's default job if enforced strictly, due to the nature of current
cameras and audio recorders.

A multimedia distro without codecs can't play most media distributed by
windows users or commericial websites. Much more seriously, it also 
can't play ORIGINAL media produced by a majority of midrange video
cameras and even audio recorders.  

On 06/02/2013 at 11:23 AM, "Len Ovens" <len at> wrote:
>A few releases ago when we switched to xfce, we got the default 
>video player Parole. At the time we found Parole didn't know how 
>to set
>the aspect ratio and so we added totem instead. With the thought 
>that it
>was what most of Ubuntu used. Somehow we have ended up with Xine 
>as well.. probably it comes with some of the libs we use.
>In any case, for the past few releases totem seems not have worked 
>for a
>number of people. It crashes on startup. So it has been a good 
>thing that
>we had Xine as a backup  :P
>In the mean time, Parole (like thunar) has been fixed and works on
>anything I have tried it on.
>We should perhaps switch back to Parole, A) because it works and B)
>because that will keep us more in line with Xubuntu and their 
>should cover the use of this video player with XFCE. (It may be 
>that Totem
>works fine with a full gnome/unity setup)
>Len Ovens
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