Video players

Len Ovens len at
Sun Jun 2 15:23:37 UTC 2013

A few releases ago when we switched to xfce, we got the default Xubuntu
video player Parole. At the time we found Parole didn't know how to set
the aspect ratio and so we added totem instead. With the thought that it
was what most of Ubuntu used. Somehow we have ended up with Xine installed
as well.. probably it comes with some of the libs we use.

In any case, for the past few releases totem seems not have worked for a
number of people. It crashes on startup. So it has been a good thing that
we had Xine as a backup  :P

In the mean time, Parole (like thunar) has been fixed and works on
anything I have tried it on.

We should perhaps switch back to Parole, A) because it works and B)
because that will keep us more in line with Xubuntu and their testing
should cover the use of this video player with XFCE. (It may be that Totem
works fine with a full gnome/unity setup)

Len Ovens

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