Video players

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at
Sun Jun 2 18:58:25 UTC 2013

Am 02.06.2013 17:23, schrieb Len Ovens:
> A few releases ago when we switched to xfce, we got the default Xubuntu
> video player Parole. At the time we found Parole didn't know how to set
> the aspect ratio and so we added totem instead. With the thought that it
> was what most of Ubuntu used. Somehow we have ended up with Xine installed
> as well.. probably it comes with some of the libs we use.
> In any case, for the past few releases totem seems not have worked for a
> number of people. It crashes on startup. So it has been a good thing that
> we had Xine as a backup  :P
> In the mean time, Parole (like thunar) has been fixed and works on
> anything I have tried it on.
> We should perhaps switch back to Parole,

Most people, that want a videoplayer that works for more or less
everything will end up with either Mplayer or VLC both work with Jack
also both are needed for encoding/videoediting anyway.

I understand, that they are a bit tooo skilled to be shipped with Ubuntu
by default but anyway: most users will end up with one of the two
because they are simply the best solutions....

So if you want the best for the user just install a script that
recommends to install one of them.

just my 2ct


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