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Benjamin Turner passionsplaydesign at
Sun Feb 24 19:57:20 UTC 2013

On 02/24/2013 09:44 AM, Len Ovens wrote:
> My opinion is that integration is over rated :)  Adding krita is 38Mb on
> the ISO or so. I am downloading it now to try. I find mypaint hard to use,
> but that is mostly because there is not an artist using the mouse :P
I agree with you about integration, mostly. One major thing to be said 
about the 'kde' integration is the ease of setting up custom keybindings 
for wacom tablets (what digital artist uses a mouse anymore?! ;) ).

I know that XFCE has some basic setup for tablets, and the pressure 
sensitivity is still used in Mypaint etc while under xfce, but being 
able to specifically configure the tablet for KDE apps in general is the 
real plus of KDE+Krita.

I would say that I tend to use Mypaint for quick sketches in xfce, but 
if I'm going to do some real intensive painting sessions, I boot up a 
Kubuntu session with my specific tablet settings. The main drawback for 
me is that I always feel like there is A LOT of overhead using KDE just 
to get this functionality, but I don't have the time, or really the 
technical know-how to implement this type of thing in xfce.

Krita is a great piece of software, and in some regards is really 
pushing new boundaries with digital painting in free-software :

This alone is reason enough to add it to US, but perhaps some effort 
upstream to make XFCE's tablet configuration more robust would be the 
real winner for every piece of digital painting software in US!

Just my 2 cents,

- Benjamin

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