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Len Ovens len at
Sun Feb 24 17:44:16 UTC 2013

On Sun, February 24, 2013 8:52 am, Ho Wan Chan wrote:
> Now hmm I am the packager of Calligra (which includes Krita) for it's last
> two versions (2.6.0 & 2.6.1) since I'm now a Kubuntu packager. I thought
> that Krita is really a great app. However we aren't using KDE anymore.
> Even
> though we have KDE libs in the ISOs, I disagree that we should put it in.
> It's sort of not integrated. However since I'm not a member of the Ubuntu
> Studio Development Team, I shall not have any problems with it being added
> to the ISOs.

My opinion is that integration is over rated :)  Adding krita is 38Mb on
the ISO or so. I am downloading it now to try. I find mypaint hard to use,
but that is mostly because there is not an artist using the mouse :P 
Generally I find xpaint easier to use because it helps me do straight
lines ;)  What would probably be more useful to me is a simple drafting

Anyway, I find krita easier to use than mypaint. It also looks a lot more
complete. When run from a terminal, it does seem to output quite a bit.

> As for GIMP Paint Studio, I can absolutely volunteer to package it (since
> I
> now have more experience). However I need to find a sponsor to get it in
> the Ubuntu archive, otherwise we can't add it in into the ISOs.

Please be aware that this would be an ongoing project as the GPS package
has to be repackaged every time there is a new GIMP package as it has to
be compiled against it. There are some other quirks as well to packaging
that require some scripting to be run during install. On the whole it
would be better to package a GIMP+GPS package. (which BTW would replace
the standard gimp binaries if they happened to be installed) shnatsel is
the last person who has done this work and would be able to tell you what
needed doing. Even downloading his package (way out of date BTW) and
examining the install scripts would be helpful. His PPA (if it is still
around) is:

Len Ovens

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