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Sun Feb 24 19:25:01 UTC 2013

I have kdenlive installed in all of my systems, but not k3b. I'm using the Sunab PPA
versons but did not always, and I don't see k3b listed as a dependancy or even as
a recoomendation. I do see DVDauthor as a "recommends," it does not depend on 
k3b either. I checked the Ubuntu packages website, the standard version of kdenlive
and Kdenlive-data do not include k3b in their dependancies or recommends either.

I do not have recommendations treated as dependancies in Synaptic, but haven't found
anything that would pull in K3b in Kdenlive in today's examination for it.
I am using a 64 bit system always following the alpha release, now Raring, using 
Cinnamon as the DE on the big video editing systems and a personal fork of the 
old Hardy Heron era US themes and icons(my versions support GTK3). Kdenlive,Audacity.
and GIMP  are the main media handling programs. Avidemux and Blender are also installed
and used for particular tasks.

I've had good luck with dvdstyler for making DVDs that play in ordinary DVD players, but 
if I'm just sending files somewhere they go out as full HD 1080p files on data DVDs.

Maybe the k3b problem has been a matter of not checking to ensure the files are actually
usable by a DVD player, or has it been something else?

To make any kind of video DVD that plays on a DVD player hooked to a TV, all the video files
need to be in the exact format the DVD player will be looking for. That means interlaced 720x
480 video in mpeg-2 codec in VOB containers. Full specs below:

f=dvd vcodec=mpeg2video acodec=ac3 s=720x480 vb=6000k maxrate=9000k minrate=0 bufsize=1835008 packetsize=2048 muxrate=10080000 ab=192k ar=48000 g=18 me_range=63 trellis=1 mlt_profile=dv_ntsc pass=%passes

If you burn a DVD using a program that does not check to see that the video files can in fact be
played by an old-school DVD player, and it lets you burn the disc, the result is a disc containing
nonstandard VOB files that a computer can play but a DVD player cannot. The only thing the
burning program can do about this is make sure that standard NTSC (or PAL for those players)
files are being used, and either error out or display a warning if a nonstandard file is detected.

There is also a long-standing  bug in Brasero, could be shared by other frontends like k3b, involving attempts
to burn directly to disk without first making an image of the filesystem. On my systems, this
NEVER works, and always makes a totally unreadable disk. You must first make in image when
using Brasero, then burn this image to disk. This affects all types of disks: audio, data, presumably
DVD, and so on. I have forgotten some of the details, but I'm pretty sure I made images first when
usng DVDstyler too.


>Speaking of kde programs, kdenlive adds k3b. I have personally had
>problems with k3b in that it has borked two dvds now (out of two). 
>works fine for me. I have heard other people have the same kind of
>problem. IS there anyone who uses k3b here that can confirm there 
>is a
>problem? (or that it works fine?) I can't afford to waste DVDs 
>testing it.
>I have been told that the problem is k3b works well with cdrecord 
>but not
>with wodem (which we have). Wodem is one of those "we (debian I 
>guess) don't like the licence on cdrecord so we are forking it so 
>we can
>have GPL" things, but once it is forked it doesn't get the love 
>and care
>of the original author :P  (yes who is cantankerous and hard to 
>get along
>with, must be an artist, So what?) Maybe we have a reason to put 
>into the ubuntu repos over wodim? I don't think the licence is 
>that bad
>from what I have heard. (I am not a lawyer :)
>Len Ovens
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