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Len Ovens len at
Sun Feb 24 15:53:59 UTC 2013

This morning, a user asked about krita and was given the normal reply
about us only including enough apps to cover workflows etc. No problem. I
know we have not included KDE apps in the past because of the libs it
pulls in. However, we have added kdenlive and so we now have the kde libs
anyway. (2mb seems less of a problem on a 2G iso than on a 700M iso)

I would suggest we maybe need to reassess our workflows with regard to
best apps now that we can easily include kde apps. For example, is krita
better than what we have now? A question for the artists in our midst.

Speaking of kde programs, kdenlive adds k3b. I have personally had
problems with k3b in that it has borked two dvds now (out of two). brasero
works fine for me. I have heard other people have the same kind of
problem. IS there anyone who uses k3b here that can confirm there is a
problem? (or that it works fine?) I can't afford to waste DVDs testing it.
I have been told that the problem is k3b works well with cdrecord but not
with wodem (which we have). Wodem is one of those "we (debian I would
guess) don't like the licence on cdrecord so we are forking it so we can
have GPL" things, but once it is forked it doesn't get the love and care
of the original author :P  (yes who is cantankerous and hard to get along
with, must be an artist, So what?) Maybe we have a reason to put cdrecord
into the ubuntu repos over wodim? I don't think the licence is that bad
from what I have heard. (I am not a lawyer :)

Len Ovens

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