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Len Ovens len at
Sun Feb 24 21:11:45 UTC 2013

On Sun, February 24, 2013 11:25 am, lukefromdc at wrote:
> I have kdenlive installed in all of my systems, but not k3b. I'm using the
> Sunab PPA
> versons but did not always, and I don't see k3b listed as a dependancy or
> even as
> a recoomendation. I do see DVDauthor as a "recommends," it does not depend
> on
> k3b either. I checked the Ubuntu packages website, the standard version of
> kdenlive
> and Kdenlive-data do not include k3b in their dependancies or recommends
> either.

k3b lists that is a dependency of:

We don't ship any of these. In fact none of them are listed as installed
on my 13.04 system. I will have to look but I am pretty sure K3B is not in
our seeds either. It did show up at the same time as I added kdenlive
though. Weird.

> I've had good luck with dvdstyler for making DVDs that play in ordinary
> DVD players, but
> if I'm just sending files somewhere they go out as full HD 1080p files on
> data DVDs.

I mostly make data disks.
> Maybe the k3b problem has been a matter of not checking to ensure the
> files are actually
> usable by a DVD player, or has it been something else?

After burning the DVD, the computer that burned it wouldn't even recognize
it. I did the second one just in case I had not made sure the disk was
fixed, but had the same problem. So I used Brasero which worked fine.

> There is also a long-standing  bug in Brasero, could be shared by other
> frontends like k3b, involving attempts
> to burn directly to disk without first making an image of the filesystem.

That is a possibility... that could just as easily be a wodem bug. I
haven't tried cdrecord, but word is it just works. I certainly never had a
problem with cdrecord before wodem showed up either. Replacing a working
program with one that doesn't is just dumb.

Len Ovens

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