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Len Ovens len at
Sun Feb 24 16:28:24 UTC 2013

On Sun, February 24, 2013 8:02 am, Shubham Mishra wrote:
> On 02/24/2013 09:23 PM, Len Ovens wrote:
>> This morning, a user asked about krita and was given the normal reply
>> about us only including enough apps to cover workflows etc. No problem.
>> I
>> know we have not included KDE apps in the past because of the libs it
>> pulls in. However, we have added kdenlive and so we now have the kde
>> libs
>> anyway. (2mb seems less of a problem on a 2G iso than on a 700M iso)
>> I would suggest we maybe need to reassess our workflows with regard to
>> best apps now that we can easily include kde apps. For example, is krita
>> better than what we have now? A question for the artists in our midst.
> I presume the existing setup for Digital art is GIMP + GPS (2.8 comes
> with half the GPS brushes anyways). While that is a good setup, it does
> have a steeper learning curve, compared to Krita at least.  That is
> understandable since GIMP was primarily intended as an image editing
> software ( and does that pretty well), whereas Krita is specifically a
> program made for digital art. With the the recent 2.6 release (PSD
> support anyone?) Krita is definitely a very high quality program to
> include in a FLOSS workflow for art, especially for artists who are
> trying to migrate from the Windows+Photoshop arena.

GPS equals "Gimp Paint Studio"? We don't have it. The guy who was
interested in packaging it seems to have vanished. I did suggest we would
like to include it in US by default, but I think he is really only
interested in doing that for an LTS release as it is a lot less work for
him. I think Mypaint or inkscape are the only painting programs we have.
There are some 3D things in here like blender and synfig.

I am not a graphic artist really so I don't know what is good or not.
However it sounds like this may be an area we have not covered at all.

Len Ovens

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