Become involved in editing blueprints for Ubuntu Studio Raring

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at
Tue Oct 30 06:37:35 UTC 2012

You don't need to be a member of the ubuntustudio development team in  
order to do this, so anyone interested, please do read.

There are two good ways to propose things for Ubuntu Studio 13.04 Raring.
Either post about it on this list, or create a workitem in a blueprint.

== Posting on the ubuntustudio-devel mail list ==
If you have any kind of ideas on how to improve Ubuntu Studio, you can  
always just post about it on the list. The idea will then be picked up and  
someone will make a workitem for it in blueprints.

== Editing Blueprints ==
For those wanting to become more involved, i.e. prepared to do some kind  
of work themselves in implementing proposed ideas, it might be best to  
create workitems directly in blueprints.
But, please, do take a good look at how it's done, before starting to add  
to it :).
For reference, here are all the blueprints proposed for Ubuntu Studio  
Raring so far:

To Editing blueprints:
  * You need a launchpad account (obviously) to create workitems
  * Don't remove or change other workitems before asking someone in the dev  
  * Each workitem should not contain too many things (better in that case  
to split into multiple workitems)
  * If you find there is a need for a new blueprint to hold your  
workitem(s), post about it on the mail list or talk about it on  
  * Make sure not to create a duplicate for another workitem
  * If at all unsure, please ask

Each workitem is a job that needs to be researched, and then somehow  

=== Assigning yourself to a workitem ===
A workitem that begins with [ubuntustudio-dev] is yet not assigned to  
anyone. If it contains a launchpad id, i.e. [], that person is  
assigned to it.
Before assigning yourself to a blueprint, a good pointer is to discuss  
things first with the dev lead who is responsible for that are of  
development. Here's an overview of the team structure for reference

The statuses for workitems are as follows: TODO, INPROGRESS, DONE,  

For simplicity, if you start working on a blueprint, change it to  
INPROGRESS, and keep it that way until you're either DONE, or you didn't  
have time to finish it for the final release, in which case you change it  

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