Memtest86+ v4.20 US Quantal RC amd64

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Sun Oct 14 23:28:52 UTC 2012

Could you please test memtest?

When running both memtests from Quantal RC, I get errors, if I run
Memtest86+ v4.20 from Parted Magic, version 2011_11_24 x86_64 I don't
get errors.

The errors always appear for test #7 [Random number sequence].
Running 64-bit Linux I'm missing 256MB of my RAM, OTOH I don't have
issues and the RAMs seem to be ok. I never missed RAM when using 32-bit
Linux with PAE kernels.

There might be a defect on my mobo, but it's also very likely that
memtest for Quantum is broken.


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