Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Mon Jul 23 15:13:35 UTC 2012

We have a package called ubuntustudio-icon-theme, but we don't use it.
Instead we use xubuntu-icon-theme. Any of our own icons currently reside
in ubuntustudio-default-settings and end up in /usr/share/pixmaps on the
install. This has been fine as we have had only a few icons to deal
with... but it is not the right way really. As per blueprint item:
[ubuntustudio-dev] All icons for ubuntuStudio submenus should be New
Ubuntu studio icons in case the ones we are using from xfce vanish: TODO

Some of the icons we use for our *.directory files also come from
applications which may go away leaving broken stuff, so we need our own
icons for any of our own *.directory files.

We should probably replace xubuntu-icon-theme with
ubuntustudio-icon-theme, even if the studio version depends on the xubuntu
version at least for now. Our own icons should then end up in -icon-theme
rather than -settings. And they should end up in

Right now ubuntustudio-icon-theme has no installable files, it just
depends on elementary-icon-theme. I would therefore suggest that the
depends be changed to xubuntu-icon-theme and the desktop meta be changed
to reflect this. This should not change anything on the install, but
should be tested to make sure things still work.

Next the ubuntustudio directory should be added to /usr/share/icons with a
file that depends on elementaryXubuntu and the default icon theme change
to ubuntustudio... test for breakage.

Then we can start migrating icons to this package.

Does anyone see a problem with this? Are there many icons in
elementaryXubuntu? Should we just add those few to our own directory and
bypass depending on xubuntu-icon-theme?

Comments please.

Note: there will be some icons being developed. for now they will end up
in the settings package as install to the pixmaps directory.

Len Ovens

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