Graphics apps

Len Ovens len at
Sat Jul 21 17:19:13 UTC 2012

Here is the start of a list for requested graphics apps, They can be
either to be shipped or "supported".

Here is a quote from one of our users:
For me a FOSS 2d artist workflow would be laying out ideas in Alchemy
(, then sketching and inking in Mypaint, and finish
off with painting and touch ups in Krita.
That would be:
Mypaint (we ship already)
Krita (uses KDE libs, but as Scott wanted to try kdenlive anyway)

Feel free to post comments on these and add to the list. Please comment on
what part of the workflow a suggested application would cover too. If we
keep the whole list in each email we will always have an updated list.

Note: Supported = stuff not installed by default but included in a submenu
software center selector. (feel free to change this definition.. it's my
best way of saying it)

Len Ovens

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