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A very quick and simple fix would be to  copy the content of that web page (just save the page in the browser) and drop the resulting file and folder from the web page save into a directory somewhere in the OS, then have the "help" button point to and open that file in Firefox

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> Subject: help button in our main menu.
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> Right now our help button on the menu points at a file that doesn't exist
> in a directory that doesn't exist. The best thing would be to create that
> file and add it. However, we already missed doing so one cycle and are not
> overflowing with people with time. As a fall back I would like to change
> the URL to point to our (new and very nice) web page. I don't think this
> is a good final solution as there are likely to be people who run without
> any network connection. But it is better than the way it is in 12.04.
> Should someone have time to put together a web page for the ISO, the URL
> you would be working with is:
> /usr/share/ubuntustudio-docs/about/ubuntustudio-index.html
> I am not sure the about dir is needed, it is just the format xubuntu used.
> Comments?
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> Len Ovens
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