More panel thoughts

Len Ovens len at
Thu Feb 23 08:17:17 UTC 2012

Here is what the panel looks like after my mods so far:

Having said that... I think we should remove the second panel all
together. The reason being that we can not maintain it. Any changes we
make to the master file that defines the panel(s) will only be seen by a
new user or on a fresh install. An upgrade will not change the user's
panel because the first time you log into a session after your account is
created the panel spec is copied to your home folder in .config/

So if we stop shipping an app that is in the panel because it is outdated
and no longer in repo, the panel will show a blank button that doesn't
work. The new app we replace it with won't show up even though we have
added it to the new panel template.

We could replace each user's panel def file at upgrade, but this would be
annoying to the user if they have placed their panel else where, added
their own customizations etc. Bad idea.

We could try parsing the file looking for apps we have removed and remove
the icons that go with them.... but, they are not named... when the panel
config is moved into the user's .conf/dir the *.desktop files are copied
there too, but not with there same names, rather they become a random
number file name and the panel config reflects this. We would have to
clean up these desktop files too... is this sounding painful yet?

My opinion is that we should get rid of the second panel while we can...
those who upgrade from oneiric are already stuck with the xfce stock panel
that shipped with.

Len Ovens

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