Len Ovens len at
Thu Feb 23 05:35:37 UTC 2012

On Wed, February 22, 2012 8:31 pm, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

> Mudita24, aka Envy24 control can't be replaced by the ALSA mixer. Some
> users and I experienced using ALSA mixer for Envy24 cards as not
> working.

Just finding what setting you want to change is a pain. I didn't know it
didn't work anyway. I have just always used envy24 and now mudita24 for

> I prefer to use HDSPmixer for my HDSPe AIO, but since HDSPconf
> isn't working for this RME card, ALSA mixer has to be used to configure
> all settings.

Does a HDSPconf fix look at all likely? That would be a pain.

> AFAIK ALSA mixer does work for all supported audio cards,
> excepted of the Envy24 cards. Anyway, mixer GUIs IMO are much more
> pleasant. Removing a mixer from the menu can be done by the user, with
> Alacarte.

So we should ship Alacarte? There is a line between being too close to
roll your own kernel when every new version comes out and being too
simplistic to get anything done. Too much set up needed scares people off,
not enough and nothing can get done. So I think we are trying for set it
up so it can be used as is for most things, but make the tools available
for the few who like to tinker.

Len Ovens

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