bugs and remaining dev for ubuntu studio 12.04

Janne Jokitalo astraljava at kapsi.fi
Wed Apr 18 22:21:38 UTC 2012

On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 12:44:08PM -0500, Scott Lavender wrote:
> hello everyone,
> i'd like to list the recent bugs and discuss which ones we feel we
> need to address in the remaining time for the precise release cycle.
> * bug #946591 - add ubuntustudio-live-settings to repository [4]

We'll deal with this the next cycle, but I think we've agreed on it already.
Just making sure.

> * not filed yet - change mixer plugin backend

Filed, fixed, uploaded and verified.

> the ubuntustudio-live-settings bug (946591) doesn't seemed to be
> "fix-released" and i wonder what impact that is having.  my memory was
> that this had to do with the ubiquity plugin.

Your memory would be correct. And it is postponed, to make it crystal clear.

Any others we need to worry about, still? Release Candidates go on the air
tomorrow, so I'm sure we'll hit a few others, but good to have written here
prior to those if possible.

Jaska (astraljava on irc.freenode.net)

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