Dual screens

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sun Nov 27 04:46:38 UTC 2011

On Sat, November 26, 2011 11:15 am, Len Ovens wrote:

> both monitors. Applications like parole that can go full screen with no
> decorations grab only one monitor. I have not installed presenter or
> lyricue to see if they deal properly with the separate monitors. (control
> panel on one and display on the other) Are there slide show apps that can
> use this too? I am just thinking what might be useful for live
> performance... Lyricue would be happy with two computers, one for control
> and the other for display anyway, but dual monitor would be more
> portable.

I have tried both lyricue and Impress. They can both work just fine with
xrandr (G or A) They both automatically grab the external monitor as
"display" and use the internal as control. Works for me.

The only real issue I have found is that when I pull the external monitor
the internal (which has been just fine) now is a small window on a much
bigger screen, but I have no way to scroll around. Having both screens the
same size may fix that.... but that doesn't really make it great.

Ah... I got it, go to the display settings applet and turn off the other
monitor before unplugging. When it is plugged back in it needs to be set
up again. :P

Ja, there are some issues. I end up with three applets for setting my
display up. I am not sure any one of them does it all and I can get rid of
the other two. For a stable setup like a home desktop with two (or more)
screens that are always plugged in... there is not much of a problem...
could be nicer... like it would be nice to be able to go to console with
one with out bringing the other, it would be nice to have one background
across both screens whatever their orientation... one screen saver across
both (yup, when the screen saver is set to random, each screen has a
different screen saver) It would be nice to dial in some resistance at the
edge of a screen for the mouse.

It seems all of these issues are "known" issues that are "on the list" for

I think it can be quite usable where it is. The one thing I haven't
figured out is how I saved the configuration... I have tried switching the
monitors around and rebooting but it comes back to internal left/external
right every time... I'll try some more.

Len Ovens

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