12.04 distro installs

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Thu Nov 17 02:17:37 UTC 2011

I have been downloading and trying to install the distro every time there
is a new date on it. Todays (Nov16) is the first time I was able to do so.
I was not able to install all the workflows, but installed with no work
flows. When I booted The US spinner was there and the US lightdm
background... better than 11.10 :)  The desktop still has a mouse in the
middle though. Synaptic can not be run as instead of asking for the sudo
users password it asks for the root pw... I wanted to try installing meta
pkgs till it failed so I would know which one makes the install fail. As
that didn't work I did sudo aptitude to install the metas that way....
they all installed fine... so the post install app for installing work
flows may solve other problems too.

I have not done a general test of the gui sudo stuff to see if this is
just the one app or any sudo app.

Comments: As I loaded the system to a netbook (40Gig usb2 hard drive), I
used a usb mem stick. Aptitude was not able to find it till I made a link
in /media from "cdrom" to my memstick. There was no noticeable slowdown
running this way... but I did not really test that.

Some sort of text editor would be nice.

Anyway, thats it for now.


Len Ovens

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