Volti and GNOME 3

Сергей shnatsel at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 19:51:29 UTC 2011

> All have to support a traditional desktop as well because that one task at
> a time interface is NOT suited to multitasking, something some of those
> phones aren't even capable of!

You've just never seen REAL linux phones. Just google some Maemo or MeeGo
videos, or visit a nearby Nokia store and try N9 with MeeGo. After that
you'll never dare to rant about single-task interface again.

Here's what I see in GNOME 3's future: Enough extensions to mimic any DE
> from GNOME 2 to iPhone to Windoze 8 to Windows 95 to whatever Apple is
> putting on their desktop, all using the same core and the same packages
> except for the extensions. That way, if I am setting up a Linux box for
> someone new to Linux, I need only know what they used to use to give them a
> familiar environment.

You kinda got that with GNOME2 already. There's a number of Mac clones, a
number of Windows clones, a number of clones of things nobody ever heard
about and even some clones of clones, but they all are so unpopular that
you've never heard of most (or maybe any) of them. And there are good
reasons for that.
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